The Chief Architect's blog

The Chief Architect's Blog

It’s October 2017 and The SABSA Institute is launching a new blog by John Sherwood, the Chief Architect and original creator of SABSA and the lead author of the book Enterprise Security Architecture: A Business Driven Approach, in which the SABSA framework is described. The book was published in 2005 and much work has been done since then to extend and refine the framework.

A Brief History of SABSA (21 years old this year)

As SABSA reaches it’s 21st birthday, it’s worth taking a few moments to look back over its birth and development. The very first publication of SABSA was in October 1996 at the COMPSEC conference:

John Sherwood: “SALSA: A Method of Developing the Enterprise Security Architecture and Strategy”; COMPSEC 96, London, October 1996.